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The origins

2007 – For her “A Tavola” work, the designer Stefania di Petrillo invited us to take our places at the table, all around the same table. As a gorgeous dining room that anyone can choose to install wherever he wants, A Tavola! is a height of elegance and a symbol of sharing

Fors this project she decides to create a wear and time resistant extra flat dish,  inspirated by the lid-covers of industrial pots of painting and by using the traditional material of enamel,

Elevating it with a modern twist, by its shape and decoration, she adds the concept of radiant, bright and vibrant colours as only this noble material can procure.

A Vibrant Harmony Of Colour

2009 – At the head of her design, Stéfania integrates the project with an experimented enameller and while handing over the development of the dish line to a visionary distributor who turns it immediatly into a global concept,  the Brand Variopinte was born.

Over the seasons, the team developed other shapes, the collection is enriched with new colours and gives place of pride to the combinations of these models, bringing forth a concept in the arts market for culinary and catering design.

Stefania also thinks of ways to carry around Variopinte. The picnic Basket and The Belt travel outside the home. With new partnerships, one can also find a line of cutlery in the catalogue, also enamelled.

A Showroom for profesional

2014 – Variopinte is used by a good number of restaurants and hotels around the world, available in store and visible in their showroom, at the same time offering a showcase and meeting place for many discoveries in Barcelona.

The showroom was opened to the public in the Born district.  Based in one of the old warehouses which surrounded the old Born food market, where you can see its collection as well as occasionaly, a carefully picked selection of other artists.

In 2016, the place has been elected by Vogue España as one of the best 10 places for design in Spain.

Its spirit and philosophy is to support and position itself with designs, products and artists who bring cultural content to a design.

Stéfania di Petrillo

Color is a fundamental element in the creative process of Italian designer Stefania di Petrillo.  She is continuously inspired by the rich diversity of colors that are found throughout Italy.

She was born in Parma, Italy.  She studied Industrial Design at the Politécnico in Milan and at the ENSCI in Paris.  She currently lives and works in Paris.  Since her Virieu&DiPetrillo studio, she now collaborates with various companies. Among these, Les Cristalleries de Saint Louis or projects for Petit H, Hermès department, where she revisits ancestral knowledge with exceptional materials, from modesty and simplicity.