• A tavola!


    Stefania Di Petrillo invites us to take our places at the table, all around the same table. As a gorgeous dining room that anyone can choose to install wherever he wants, A Tavola! is a height of elegance and a symbol of sharing.

    The  size of  a  standard pallet  to  transport  it  (1000 x 1200 mm),  the  rough  chestnut  box  is enigmatic.  A  crate  for  transporting works, when moving,  fragile material,  any  guess  is  good when confronted with this closed object that acts as an all-purpose container.

    The  box  is  taken  apart  and  re-assembled  via  simple,  clever mechanisms.

    It  is unveiled with delicacy and refinement, raising the ritual of the meal to  its climax. Laying the table and taking one’s place require the body to move and clearly aesthetic gestural acts to be performed.

    Supported by a removable  leg, two side flaps  form a sort of tabletop when raised. On the other  two  sides,  like four  drawers  opposite  each  other  become four benches for twelve persons. The table is dresses up.  The meal can begin.

    From a text written By Jeanne Quéheillard

    A TAVOLA! project has been developed for the first time in 2008 by Stefania Di Petrillo during her participation in “Résidences de l’Art en Dordogne“.

    Together with this project were imagined and launched the very first prototypes of Variopinte enameled plates.
    Hand manufactured in Green Périgord, France by Alexander Hay, cabinetmaker, each table is signed and numbered.

    Oak and chestnut, old looking and rot resistant.

    Each table is fitted with 4 strong wheels for easy moving.

    Technical informations

    Folded : 840 x 1170 x 760 (high) mm

    Deployed : 840 x 2550 x 760 (high) mm

    1 Bench : 320 x 1120 x 410 (high) mm

    Weight : 140 kg

    A TAVOLA! = 1 table + 4 benches for 12 persons

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    Production lead time : 4 weeks